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Active standard | Published: 03/08/2021

ASME PTB-2:2009

Guide to Life Cycle Management of Pressure Equipment Integrity

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Designation: ASME PTB-2:2009

Publication date: 03/08/2021

Pages: 0

Country: American technical standard

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This guide provides a summary of some of the more commonly used codes, standards, recommended practices, specifications and guidelines produced by organizations based in the United States for maintaining the integrity of fixed pressure equipment in process plants and in general industrial use.  In one handy volume, PTB-2-2009 accumulates pertinent standards and guidelines applicable to the full lifecycle of pressure equipment—from design through fabrication, examination, purchase, installation, operation, in-service inspection, repair, continued service and replacement. You will also gain: A useful “roadmap” for which standards and guidelines are applicable at which stage of the pressure-equipment lifecycle. A section for documents related to specific tasks, such as welding and non-destructive examination, that are routinely performed as a part of new or post-construction operations (Appendix contains a summary of each referenced document). Strategies for addressing issues encountered when navigating between new construction and post-construction standards. These features and others contained within PTB-2-2009 will help pressure-equipment stakeholders make correct and timely decisions for compliance. Intended for manufacturers (including design, engineering, inspection, maintenance, purchasing and supervisory personnel), owners, users, regulators and others involved with fixed pressure equipment. Download a print-friendly version of this description. Download a related article:  “Pressure Management,” by Steven J. Rossi, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, June 2010, pgs. 48-49.

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