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Active standard | Published: 10/07/2014

IEC 62485-3-ed.2.0

Safety requirements for secondary batteries and battery installations - Part 3: Traction batteries
(Exigences de securite pour les batteries d´accumulateurs et les installations de batteries - Partie 3: Batteries de traction)

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Designation: IEC 62485-3-ed.2.0

Publication date: 10/07/2014

Pages: 45

Country: International technical standard

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IEC 62485-3:2014 applies to secondary batteries and battery installations used for electric vehicles, e.g. in electric industrial trucks (including lift trucks, tow trucks, cleaning machines, automatic guided vehicles), in battery powered locomotives, in electric vehicles (e.g. goods vehicles, golf carts, bicycles, wheelchairs), and does not cover the design of such vehicles. It provides requirements on safety aspects associated with the installation, use, inspection, maintenance and disposal of batteries.This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:a) a comprehensive revision of Clause 6, presenting a unified and changed formula for the calculation of the required ventilation air flow during battery charging;b) addition of requirements for properties of floor material and battery changing equipment in Clause 9. LIEC 62485-3:2014 sapplique aux installations delements et de batteries daccumulateurs utilises pour les vehicules electriques, par exemple, dans les chariots electriques industriels (incluant les chariots elevateurs, les tracteurs electriques, les machines de nettoyage, les vehicules automatiques guides),les locomotives alimentees par batteries, les vehicules electriques routiers (par exemple, les vehicules pour le transport de marchandises, les voiturettes de golf, les bicyclettes, les chaises roulantes), et ne couvre pas la conception de tels vehicules. Elle fournit les exigences concernant les aspects de securite lies a la mise en oeuvre, a lutilisation, au controle, a la maintenance et a la mise au rebut des batteries.Cette edition inclut les modifications techniques majeures suivantes par rapport a ledition precedente:a) un remaniement global de lArticle 6, donnant une formule unifiee et changee du calcul du debit dair de ventilation requis pendant la charge de batteries; b) laddition dans lArticle 9 des exigences de qualite du revetement de sol et du materiel pour changer des batteries.