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ASTM E95-68(2016)

Standard Specification for Cell-Type Oven with Controlled Rates of Ventilation

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Označenie: ASTM E95-68(2016)

Dátum vydania: 01.07.2016

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Krajina: Americká technická norma

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This specification covers the general and design requirements for two types of cell-type ovens based on their rates of ventilation, for determining loss in weight or changes in properties of materials on heating at elevated temperatures. This specification takes into account the fact that chamber geometry, rate of ventilation, and temperature each affect the rate of loss of volatile constituents from a material, or the rate of change in other properties. Hence, this oven is recommended whenever the results are dependent on the time and temperature of heating, the amount of ventilation, or both.

cell-type, controlled rates of ventilation, ovens,, ICS Number Code 71.040.10 (Chemical laboratories. Laboratory equipment)